What’s currently smelling so good?

We’re always in the throws of testing. All our products are tested to make sure they work, just as they should.

Want to know what’s smelling so good right now? We’ve got a Lemongrass & Ginger diffuser in our office at the moment. We started it on the 5th November, and it’s now the 2nd February. 3 months in, and there’s still about a third left. We usually say that our diffusers last up to 3 months, so we’re guessing that this cold weather might have something to do with it not evaporating as fast, and lasting longer.

We’ve also got some essential oils burning in our candles right now. These haven’t been released yet, as they still in the testing stages. The fragrances are just stunning though, and we can’t wait to launch them. Essential oils are tricky to work with in candles (as if normal fragrances aren’t hard enough!) so we’re just making sure everything is safe and smelling good.

The wash room has a range of our hand soaps and lotions in, as we can’t ever just choose one fragrance to use!

So, it’s all lovely and full of fragrance in the Luxx offices right now (and every day) :o)

What we’re doing about our packaging and our carbon footprint

It’s great that we’re all so much more aware of the damage we’re doing to our planet.

We’re very aware, every time we think about a new idea, that packaging and our carbon footprint are at the very top of our priorities.

We’ve deliberately sourced local companies, and have thought hard about what materials we are using. So here’s what we’ve done:

* Our wax melts, have no plastic packaging, at all. They are individually hand wrapped in acid free recycled tissue paper, and placed inside a box made from recycled cardboard, that can be recycled again.

* Our lotions and hand washes, are boxed in the same recycled cardboard, ready to recycle again, and the plastic we have used is PET – widely and very easily recycled.

* Our diffusers and room mists, both the glasses can be recycled, and so can the cardboard boxes they come in.

* Our packaging, when we send out your products, is made from cardboard part recycled and very easily recycled after, and we’ve used paper tape which is 100% recyclable too.

* Inside our boxes, we pack them out with biodegradable packing peanuts, and acid free recycled tissue paper, in a bid to avoid bubble wrap and plastic. We also stock 5 different sizes of boxes, so that we can accommodate a wide range of website orders, where the product is not too small in a big box of packaging.

We’ll always make sure, that before we embark on a new idea, our planet and our carbon footprint are at the forefront of our product decisions.

Why you need to trim your wick

To be honest, we used to read the instructions on the back of a candle, and pretty much ignore them (gasp!)

We read the instructions to trim the wick, we saw the pictograms showing trimming the wick; but we never did.

Since burning hundreds of candles in our testing process, we’ve come to understand why trimming is so important. And consequently, why we now have those exact same instructions on our own candles.

The main reason for keeping your wick trim to 5mm, is a cleaner, better and safer burn. It ensures your candle lasts as long as it’s supposed to, and burns as cleanly and safely as it should. Even a correctly wicked candle can have some carbon build up (little mushrooms on the end of the wick), especially highly fragranced candles. Before lighting your candle again, you’ll want to snip those away, ready for the next burn.

If you just relight from where you left off, the carbon build up will get worse, bits of carbon could fall in your melt pool, looking ugly as well as dangerous, and the height of your flame could be too high with a large wick, or be so full of carbon build up your flame will die. Either way, it’s bad news for the life of your candle.

A lot of candles in shops come with longer wicks that you need to trim from the onset. Again. We just used to light them straight away.

What we’ve done is trim all of our candle wicks, to 5mm already. Firstly, so that you just have to light it and secondly, so that you know what 5mm looks like.

Do you need anything fancy to do this? Not really. Nail scissors, nail clippers, or candle wick trimmers if you wish. We have a set of wick trimmers as they’re such a necessary part of candle making/burning. You may wish to purchase some in the future, they really are quite handy.

Well, that’s it. Candle maintenance is really easy. Just trim your wick for every 3-4 hour burn, and your candle should burn safely and cleanly, as it was made to :o)

Diffusers, our range, and why we love them…

Initially we started out as a candle company. With the intention of only creating candles.

However, candles aren’t always practical for some homes, and this is where diffusers step in.

Again, we’ve been disappointed by diffusers that don’t smell, don’t last, don’t diffuse. So we made sure that when we started testing, we sourced good bases, finest fragrances, and more expensive quality reeds, so that our diffusers… just worked.

The base we use is non toxic, eco friendly, fragrance enhancing and evaporates slowly.

The fragrances we use are of the highest quality, and are both paraben and phthalate free.

The reeds we’ve chosen are designed to diffuse well and not clog like many other reeds can. As a result, we have a product that can provide a beautiful background scent for up to 3 months, and sometimes longer.

We provide 8 reeds with every diffuser, so you can choose the level of fragrance you wish. In a small bathroom, for example, 6 reeds might be enough.

At the moment we have 10 fragrances to choose from, and more coming soon! These fragrances are similar to Jo Malone: Lime, Basil & Mandarin; Black Pomegranate; Peony & Blush Suede. Paradise Beach is similar to The White Company ‘Seychelles’, and our other fragrances we’ve chosen are Lavender Spa; Rocksalt & Driftwood; Lemongrass & Ginger; Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli; Sparkling Lemon; Pink Champagne & Pomelo.

To see our full range, just click here



How did we start Luxx Creations?

We love candles. Every shop we’ve ever been in, if there’s a candle section, that’s where you’ll find us.

We can’t help it. Choosing the candle, getting it home, lighting it…only to find, it doesn’t burn or smell quite the way you thought it would.

So, about 2 years ago, we decided to make our own, and in the back of our minds, we wanted to create a candle business. We’d watched videos, we’d read blogs, it didn’t look that hard.

Turns out, we were wrong. Making candles IS easy. Getting them to burn correctly, ridiculously difficult.

There are over 300 wicks to choose from. Each wax and fragrance combination completely changes the candle and how it burns. Under wick the candle, and you have a dying flame, tunnelling, lots of wax left over, and hardly any scent. Over wick the candle and you have a huge melt pool, carbon build up, ¬†and a candle that’s too hot and potentially dangerous. Not to mention, you’ll probably burn off any scent.

This is without getting into all the other problems of some fragrances won’t work with the wax, some wicks won’t work with the fragrance, and the moment you change any detail, no matter how small, and you have a completely different candle.

It actually explained why a lot of candles don’t burn properly. So began our journey of endless testing, until we felt we had a candle that burnt, just the way it should. Although there is no such thing as the ‘perfect candle’, it will always be what we will strive for. That’s why, even though the range we have we are very proud of, we’ll keep up the testing behind the scenes to bring you new fragrances and even better candles.