To be honest, we used to read the instructions on the back of a candle, and pretty much ignore them (gasp!)

We read the instructions to trim the wick, we saw the pictograms showing trimming the wick; but we never did.

Since burning hundreds of candles in our testing process, we’ve come to understand why trimming is so important. And consequently, why we now have those exact same instructions on our own candles.

The main reason for keeping your wick trim to 5mm, is a cleaner, better and safer burn. It ensures your candle lasts as long as it’s supposed to, and burns as cleanly and safely as it should. Even a correctly wicked candle can have some carbon build up (little mushrooms on the end of the wick), especially highly fragranced candles. Before lighting your candle again, you’ll want to snip those away, ready for the next burn.

If you just relight from where you left off, the carbon build up will get worse, bits of carbon could fall in your melt pool, looking ugly as well as dangerous, and the height of your flame could be too high with a large wick, or be so full of carbon build up your flame will die. Either way, it’s bad news for the life of your candle.

A lot of candles in shops come with longer wicks that you need to trim from the onset. Again. We just used to light them straight away.

What we’ve done is trim all of our candle wicks, to 5mm already. Firstly, so that you just have to light it and secondly, so that you know what 5mm looks like.

Do you need anything fancy to do this? Not really. Nail scissors, nail clippers, or candle wick trimmers if you wish. We have a set of wick trimmers as they’re such a necessary part of candle making/burning. You may wish to purchase some in the future, they really are quite handy.

Well, that’s it. Candle maintenance is really easy. Just trim your wick for every 3-4 hour burn, and your candle should burn safely and cleanly, as it was made to :o)

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