We’re always in the throws of testing. All our products are tested to make sure they work, just as they should.

Want to know what’s smelling so good right now? We’ve got a Lemongrass & Ginger diffuser in our office at the moment. We started it on the 5th November, and it’s now the 2nd February. 3 months in, and there’s still about a third left. We usually say that our diffusers last up to 3 months, so we’re guessing that this cold weather might have something to do with it not evaporating as fast, and lasting longer.

We’ve also got some essential oils burning in our candles right now. These haven’t been released yet, as they still in the testing stages. The fragrances are just stunning though, and we can’t wait to launch them. Essential oils are tricky to work with in candles (as if normal fragrances aren’t hard enough!) so we’re just making sure everything is safe and smelling good.

The wash room has a range of our hand soaps and lotions in, as we can’t ever just choose one fragrance to use!

So, it’s all lovely and full of fragrance in the Luxx offices right now (and every day) :o)

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