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What we’re doing about our packaging and our carbon footprint

It’s great that we’re all so much more aware of the damage we’re doing to our planet.

We’re very aware, every time we think about a new idea, that packaging and our carbon footprint are at the very top of our priorities.

We’ve deliberately sourced local companies, and have thought hard about what materials we are using. So here’s what we’ve done:

* Our wax melts, have no plastic packaging, at all. They are individually hand wrapped in acid free recycled tissue paper, and placed inside a box made from recycled cardboard, that can be recycled again.

* Our lotions and hand washes, are boxed in the same recycled cardboard, ready to recycle again, and the plastic we have used is PET – widely and very easily recycled.

* Our diffusers and room mists, both the glasses can be recycled, and so can the cardboard boxes they come in.

* Our packaging, when we send out your products, is made from cardboard part recycled and very easily recycled after, and we’ve used paper tape which is 100% recyclable too.

* Inside our boxes, we pack them out with biodegradable packing peanuts, and acid free recycled tissue paper, in a bid to avoid bubble wrap and plastic. We also stock 5 different sizes of boxes, so that we can accommodate a wide range of website orders, where the product is not too small in a big box of packaging.

We’ll always make sure, that before we embark on a new idea, our planet and our carbon footprint are at the forefront of our product decisions.

How did we start Luxx Creations?

We love candles. Every shop we’ve ever been in, if there’s a candle section, that’s where you’ll find us.

We can’t help it. Choosing the candle, getting it home, lighting it…only to find, it doesn’t burn or smell quite the way you thought it would.

So, about 2 years ago, we decided to make our own, and in the back of our minds, we wanted to create a candle business. We’d watched videos, we’d read blogs, it didn’t look that hard.

Turns out, we were wrong. Making candles IS easy. Getting them to burn correctly, ridiculously difficult.

There are over 300 wicks to choose from. Each wax and fragrance combination completely changes the candle and how it burns. Under wick the candle, and you have a dying flame, tunnelling, lots of wax left over, and hardly any scent. Over wick the candle and you have a huge melt pool, carbon build up, ¬†and a candle that’s too hot and potentially dangerous. Not to mention, you’ll probably burn off any scent.

This is without getting into all the other problems of some fragrances won’t work with the wax, some wicks won’t work with the fragrance, and the moment you change any detail, no matter how small, and you have a completely different candle.

It actually explained why a lot of candles don’t burn properly. So began our journey of endless testing, until we felt we had a candle that burnt, just the way it should. Although there is no such thing as the ‘perfect candle’, it will always be what we will strive for. That’s why, even though the range we have we are very proud of, we’ll keep up the testing behind the scenes to bring you new fragrances and even better candles.