Are you fully CLP compliant?

Yes. It's taken a long time to make sure all our products are legal, tested, and labelled correctly, as the law requires.  We are fully insured, are committed to best practices and providing customers with safe and quality products.

How quickly can I receive my order?

The website shows live stock that we hold, so if it shows in stock, we dispatch within 1-2 days. We have a standard delivery charge of £3.50, and we have FREE delivery when you spend over £50. Orders usually arrive within 2-5 working days. 

How do you package your products?

All our products are packaging beautifully, but simply. We want to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can, so you won't find excess packaging with Luxx. All our gift boxes are kraft or black, made from recycled cardboard, and ready to be recycled again. We've avoided plastic, our bubble wrap is recyclable and our packing peanuts are fully biodegradable. The 'plastic' looking bags we use for our melts, are actually made from vegetable starch and are fully biodegradable.

We thought long and hard about fancy ribbons, and fancy packaging, but we found the more we wanted to add, the less could be recycled, and the more waste customers would have. Not to mention, the cost of the product going up. We've put the quality into the product, because once the box is thrown away, that's what you're left with; a high quality product to enjoy.

Do your products come boxed, to give as gifts?

Everything is boxed, except for our tin candles, making anything you purchase here at Luxx Creations, a great gift.

How does your loyalty system work?

Every £1 you spend = 1 point. Each point is worth 2p. That's 2% cashback each time you shop with us. You can redeem them at anytime, and they never expire.

When will you have new products and new fragrances coming out?

We're always working on new products, and testing out new fragrances. To find out what we're up to, please just sign up for our newsletter (on the home page, scroll to the bottom to sign up) and we'll update you with news and exciting offers.

Do you have any special offers?

We have added a new section of special offers, which combine 2 or more products, leading to some brilliant savings.

I want to try lots of products, but I don't know which fragrances I will like?

The best way to try out lots of fragrances at once, is to purchase our amazing wax melt assortment. 10 of our most popular fragrances together, and that way you'll be able to see which fragrances you'd like to buy our candles, room mists, diffusers, soaps or hand lotions in.